Summer days :)

Hello, How is everyone doing in this glorious sunshine? 😎❤️ I am doing good at the moment. Busy planning my practice Breathworks Mindfulness for Health course. I have a lovely space in mind in which to offer this life-changing course and am motivated to offer to others some of what I have learnt through my … Continue reading Summer days 🙂

Volunteering on a Mindfulness for Health course – session one

Happy Bank holiday weekend to my lovely blog and Facebook page followers. Lovely to see you here. So this blog post is to let you know how it was for me to volunteer on a Mindfulness for Health program run at one of the Breathworks offices in Manchester. I was really excited for this opportunity … Continue reading Volunteering on a Mindfulness for Health course – session one

Chronic Pain resources

  Good evening to my lovely page followers! I hope that you are as well as you can be and having a great weekend. I have been taking the much needed opportunity to rest and reconnect with my family, here is me and my husband on a walk around a local lake. I just wanted … Continue reading Chronic Pain resources

Chronic pain presentation

I am very excited to have the opportunity to present on a topic of my choice. Of course it's got to be on my main area of interest, which is chronic pain and how to use counselling and mindfulness meditation to manage the distressing symptoms associated with chronic pain and any other long-term health condition … Continue reading Chronic pain presentation

How to Meditate day at Milton Keynes Meditation Association

It was with a sense of excitement and trepidation that I set out to the How to Meditate day held by the Milton Keynes Meditation Association. The day was held at Simpson Village Hall and put on by the lovely members of the Buddhist group of Milton Keynes. I had a really friendly and wonderful … Continue reading How to Meditate day at Milton Keynes Meditation Association

Mindfulness:MK new year retreat

Saturday 6th January was a lovely day. Went for a full day mindfulness retreat ran by one of my mindfulness teachers Helen (below in the photo). I have attended this retreat for the past few years and it is always a fabulous opportunity to step out of the usual day-to-day routine, to slow down and … Continue reading Mindfulness:MK new year retreat


Self-Care What is self-care and why is it important?   I am really interested to find out today what you know about self-care and why this might be important for you and your well-being? As a trainee Counsellor we are taught that self-care is essential for us in the counselling profession. It is written into … Continue reading Self-Care