Why volunteer?

Hello and welcome to my latest blog post about volunteering. I have written this post for the reader who may have been interested in volunteering for a while and not known where to start. Or for someone who may be curious as to how volunteering could benefit them and the local community. There are several … Continue reading Why volunteer?

Bereavement and loss – Part two

The Dual Process Model Continuing on from my first blog about bereavement and loss, today I would like to focus on The Dual Process Model. This model is one of my favourites to use when thinking about the process of grieving, coping with and adjusting to a loss. The dual process model was developed by … Continue reading Bereavement and loss – Part two

Bereavement and loss

Bereavement counselling is one of the areas of counselling that I currently have a lot of experience in. Having volunteered with my local branch of Cruse Bereavement Care and seen several clients for one-to-one counselling and spoken to several more over the local helpline for Cruse. I am always struck by the variation in each … Continue reading Bereavement and loss