Self-care in times of distress

Hello, Lovely to see you here again. Now when thinking about this blog I came up with loads of ideas and now I sit down to write it's more challenging than I thought it would be! Writing about distress, in whatever form it takes is hard. As these experiences are not pleasant and sometimes can … Continue reading Self-care in times of distress

Mindfulness day

  Hello everyone, Lovely to see you here again ­čśâ This picture was of a very sleepy me on the train first thing this morning. Today has been a lovely and very fulfilling day for me. It was the last of four sessions of the Mindfulness for Health course that I have been supporting up … Continue reading Mindfulness day

Volunteering on a Mindfulness for Health course – session one

Happy Bank holiday weekend to my lovely blog and Facebook page followers. Lovely to see you here. So this blog post is to let you know how it was for me to volunteer on a Mindfulness for Health program run at one of the Breathworks offices in Manchester. I was really excited for this opportunity … Continue reading Volunteering on a Mindfulness for Health course – session one

Katie Piper – What’s in My Head

Hello, Lovely to check in with you all again. Today I had the fantastic privilege of being able to watch Katie Piper's new show 'What's in My Head'. Katie is touring the country with this show and we managed to catch the show in Kettering. So I'm not sure how many of you are aware … Continue reading Katie Piper – What’s in My Head

Working creatively with anxiety CPD

I had the fantastic opportunity to attend a CPD with Nettie at┬áChallenging-Behaviour Counselling Services in Dunstable on Saturday 17th March. As a trainee counsellor one of my interests is working creatively with some of the issues that clients bring to sessions. The CPD's offered at Challenging-Behaviour are a good mix of psycho-education and creative exercises. … Continue reading Working creatively with anxiety CPD