Mindfulness day

  Hello everyone, Lovely to see you here again 😃 This picture was of a very sleepy me on the train first thing this morning. Today has been a lovely and very fulfilling day for me. It was the last of four sessions of the Mindfulness for Health course that I have been supporting up … Continue reading Mindfulness day


Self-Care What is self-care and why is it important?   I am really interested to find out today what you know about self-care and why this might be important for you and your well-being? As a trainee Counsellor we are taught that self-care is essential for us in the counselling profession. It is written into … Continue reading Self-Care

How do you manage on a bad pain (flare) day?

What are your strategies for managing a bad pain (flare) day?       So you may be thinking well my pain is bad all of the time anyway, however a pain flare up is a dramatic increase in a person’s level of pain that occurs suddenly. Pain flares (also known as breakthrough pain) aren’t a … Continue reading How do you manage on a bad pain (flare) day?

Why I choose to do something a little ‘different’ on Christmas Day.

For the past couple of years I have volunteered at my local Hospice on Christmas Day, helping to serve meals and drinks to patients and their visitors. My own Nan spent some time at this Hospice before she died in 2007 and I find a lot of comfort and meaning through volunteering in the Inpatient … Continue reading Why I choose to do something a little ‘different’ on Christmas Day.