Hello again

A big hello and welcome to my blog and Facebook page followers and to those of you who may have come across my page by chance.

This week I would like to write about my experiences of watching a local ice skating competition that was held at my local rink.

I haven’t been feeling well with my own chronic pain condition this week, so I was really looking forward to the opportunity to watch the competition for a few hours as a positive distraction for my pain and it really did help 🙂

Me wrapped up nice and warm at the competition!
The judging panel!

I had watched the British Championships on TV last year but never had the opportunity previously to be present at a live event. It was absolutely fascinating to see the young girls and their coaches as they warmed up and prepared to skate their programs in front of the judging panel.

Also, being a member of the audience I learnt a few things from the skaters performances that I would certainly apply to myself and my skating if I ever get the opportunity to perform in a competition.

I felt extremely envious of the girls in the competition, I think they all did fantastically well. I would love to have been out there with them performing.

Things that I learnt:

Firstly, and most of you that know me won’t be surprised by this, but the sparklier the dress the better.

You are going out in front of an audience and your fellow skaters and you want to stand out and make an impression. I certainly had dress envy on competition day!

These are some of the types of dresses that would appeal to me:

Secondly, entrance is key!

Some of the skaters seemed to be in their own heads as they skated on to perform, they presented themselves to the judges – but ignored that there was an audience there as they entered and throughout their performances.

Now being a huge introvert myself I totally get this, taking your focus inwards and concentrating on what you are doing in order to get through it and execute the moves to the best of your ability.

However, as an audience member I found myself automatically routeing more for the skaters who presented themselves to the audience and the judges as they entered. There were some girls who added a jump as they entered onto the ice which was a really nice touch and some who looked up at the audience and really seemed to be enjoying themselves. With these performers I felt I could relax more and enjoy myself too.

Thirdly, music choice is key!

Now I might be controversial here, but music choice is key. There were about three of four performances in a row that used the same piece of music.

Then when a different piece of music came on I know I automatically sat up and took more notice of the skater and their routine – as they were different.

I came across this video of Johnny Weir on Facebook and I think this video really highlights for me the value of song choice, having a unique look and adding your own touches to the moves. I could sit and watch him skate all day! 🙂

Finally, if you fall over, get up and keep going…

Now this one applies to life, as well as to ice skating, but if you fall over get up as quickly as possible and carry on with your routine.

I think the majority of the girls had at least one fall and total respect to them for standing up and carrying on, they certainly got a louder cheer and clap from me for having the resilience and courage to do this.

I feel really inspired in my own skating after watching some of the girls compete and have decided to set myself a fitness challenge called project get ice fit. 

I will be blogging about my progress as I get on, but basically I plan to write myself a fitness program to work on areas of fitness that will hopefully help with my skating, such as cardio, strength and flexibility.

Here are some pictures from this weeks first ice fit session.

Session one:

Walk and run session around my local lake for cardio training.
Friday evening session at my local yoga studio, for strength and flexibility training as well as mental relaxation and focus.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about the competition and I will be writing again soon.

As ever if you have any questions comments please get in touch. I would love to hear from you.

Warm wishes,


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