Happy snow day

Hello to my blog followers where ever you are in the country right now!

Now I’m not normally one for a snow day as I like to get out and about and get all of my appointments done (I’ve had three cancelled today). However, this day has turned out to be an unexpected joy. My children are off of school too and we plan to spend some quality time together and my husband is not working either. Sometimes when life is so busy we do not get to spend that much time enjoying life together – as we are all apart doing different things.

So definitely planning to slow the pace down today and enjoy whatever arises.

Hopefully the snow is not as deep for you as in this picture! 

I don’t know how you feel about the snow – but as I sat and watched it yesterday outside the window – it was actually quite meditative as the snow flakes danced up and down in the wind.

Winter weather Jan 21st 2018


I’m wondering what activities you would do when faced with an unexpected day, or days at home, freed from the usual routines of work, school, or college?

If it’s safe to do so, a short walk in the crisp snow could be a nice mindful walking meditation. If you do a practice like this be sure to wrap up warm! The cold can play havoc on chronic pain and pain levels.


I managed a short walk around my local lake yesterday and the views were stunning 🙂

IMG_3531 (002)

If you can’t get outside, this calendar for mindful March has some really useful ideas for meditation practices that you could incorporate into each day:


Finally, my ultimate favourite, as many who know me will vouch for. Wrapping up warm in a duvet on the sofa and putting on your favourite TV show, or DVD. Pure bliss!


Enjoy your snow day!

Until next time,

Warm wishes,


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