Mindfulness:MK new year retreat

Saturday 6th January was a lovely day. Went for a full day mindfulness retreat ran by one of my mindfulness teachers Helen (below in the photo).


I have attended this retreat for the past few years and it is always a fabulous opportunity to step out of the usual day-to-day routine, to slow down and to reflect on the year that has been and the year to come.

The following quote from the day I found particularly helpful:


The story that went with this quote was a famous violinist who had polio and frames on his legs to enable him to walk, had a really important show to perform. He walked on stage and took his frames off and couldn’t stand. In the process of falling he broke one of the strings on his violin. Instead of giving up, he got back up and continued to perform his music piece (with the violin and the broken string) and was ultimately successful and his music well-received.

I felt this was a really important metaphor for those of us with chronic pain, a chronic health condition, body parts missing or not working so well. If we can still continue to make music, to live well whilst making the most of what our bodies can still do, then to my mind we will have lived well.

I found this to be truly inspirational. It sits well with all of  the ideas taught on the Breathworks 8-week courses and definitely represents how I aim to live my own life.

Living with pain, growing around it and flourishing…


Shine on friends,

Warm wishes,


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